Friday 9th Feb - IPO or OAP Preview

  • Boom, Chong certainly took off today, hope plenty of you got on that Bullet Train to Profitsville!

    Tomorrow see's Dad's Army enter the fray with some very well known individuals to us all.

    First of all let's write off a few... Lichtsteiner 70p, there's far better Juve defenders available at that price and he couldn't score in Amsterdam with €1000 in his back burner.

    Zabaleta, career in reverse - avoid at 60p and add to that 2 goalies and a couple more of zero interest.

    Vermaelen is a funny one - Pro's - Prolific in his early Arsenal years, probable starter for Belgium when fit, great Baseline playing for Barca. Con's - Made of paper these days, up against Pique, Umtiti and now Mina, wrong side of 30. I should imagine he'll be left alone by the masses so opportunity for people to pickup a decent shot to nothing. Long term probably needs an injury free move to a decent club.

    Sticking with Barca, it's none other than the Mercurial Magician Andres Iniesta - had the pleasure of watching him score the World Cup winning goal in South Africa - wrong side of the bl**dy stadium mind! I can understand the majority of people being concerned by his age and he's stated this will be his last international tournament, however he's signed a life long rolling contract at Barca where he's worshipped so I think he's got at least 2 years left in the tank. He seems to start most games before getting hauled off after 70 mins although has completed 90 in 2 of the most recent games.

    Stat's wise, he's not massively prolific but his assists are considerable and you must an Ostrich like Nigel Pearson if you're surprised that he averages over 60+ PPG. So based on all of this I'd be surprised if he didn't sail past £1.20 and settle between there and £1.50.

    The best of the rest is probably Pablo Hernandez at Celta Vigo and I've seen worse IPO's at 50p so he might see a moderate rise.

  • Hasn't iniesta IPO''d before?

  • I think he might have got relegated from the previous 200 when they were running with the old school rules last summer but I don't think he's been IPO'd since Nov.

    There might be some historical data on his previous performances which would be interesting.

  • Yep, Iniesta was relegated back in the summer (Pre-PB) Also on the OAP topic it's worth remembering that if a player retires then all futures are lost.

  • @AT10 That's true but I think that's also deployed at FI's discretion, I don't think they'll execute that the moment it's declared! They'd lose customers doing that I reckon - imagine a top 3 player had a foot amputated after getting snared in a bear trap! (yeah it could happen ;-) ) he'd obviously retire immediately and thousands would be lost.

    Either way Iniesta isn't retiring any time soon, he's not a bench warmer and he's younger than loads of people on the Index that are still backed considerably. He's 33 not 103 :-)

  • @Agatello yep, sorry I didn't mean that Iniesta was about to retire, just a reminder for anyone newer to FI. I agree that FI probably wouldn't do it immediately but it's slightly concerning that they could. I guess with a few things on FI only time will tell, will try to keep an eye out for players retiring at the end of the season and see how it's dealt with. Cazorla hasn't been removed from the index despite not playing for more than a year so hopefully FI would be sensible with this too.

  • Got to today late. Surely he is still a bargain at 97p. Barcelona and World Cup bound! When you see non first team players at well over a pound!

  • @R9Kennard yeah I'd say so, it's quite amusing how so many people would rather hold a youngster that might come good over established stars at the same price.

    Think there's definitely an element of pride at work (myself included) where we test ourselves by backing a horse that most others don't and seeing it come good - a good example of Adam Cole's Intellectually Stimulating slide on the Live Stream the other night.

    However if you can remain cold on that front and trade for the brutal profit then surely someone like Iniesta is a very good purchase. Watch him win sod all now and hang his boots up in August LMAO!

  • think with the WC around the corner it gives more incentive to go with someone like Iniesta (who is pretty much a low risk future as long as you get out at the right time)... For MB purposes I would pick one player from each of the 32 countries (although I would only really target half of those as a lot are a waste of time) who is the stand out player... So Messi Argentina, Ronny Portual, Kane England, Neymar Brazil, Salah Egypt etc as these will get the majority of the media coverage in and around the tournament.... With Spain that stand out player is not as obvious, but possibly Iniesta would be up there so if he can break into the top 200 before then he might have a chance to earn some media buzz?

    That said if he doesn't he won't (i have the same issue with De Gea who I gambled on for the same reason) and the issues with Iniesta is that he only plays 70 minute matches which stops him from winningtoo many potential PB's.

    I suppose FI had to re-include him but by sentiment rather than by sense? I'll stay clear this time but as mentioned above... FI is about 'now' as much as tomorrow and Iniesta is still one of the best players in the world today... at 33/34 Zinedine Zidane lead France to a World Cup final so who's to say Iniesta can't do that with Spain??? If he does i'm sure they'll be a few making money on here from him?

  • Well reasoned and I've also thought about buying the star from each country - although I think Ronaldo is on the brink of a downward spiral myself so I'm avoiding him.

    If you can spot the James Rodriguez in the making, there's ALWAYS at least one at a World Cup then that would be very fulfilling.

  • @Agatello

    Star in the making, now who could that be😜

  • @Happy-Hornet said in Friday 9th Feb - IPO or OAP Preview:


    Star in the making, now who could that be😜

    Ch.... ch.... ch..... CHONG! :-)

  • I'm going to criminally plug one of my big holds here and it's probably too early to buy him based on WC alone anyway BUT my money on a breakthrough star that'll earn himself a big move come July August is Iranian Alizera Jahanbakhsh!

    They open up against Morocco so think him or Amine Harit might light that game up and be under the microscope for the following games vs the Pork n Cheese and Spanish!

  • @Agatello haha I remember your ipo review of him being.

    Wow I didn't realise how good this guy was till I investigated him for the ipo

  • @Agatello that's deffo his price going up now mate 🤣 been really tempted myself having most of the Ajax squad I do check the Dutch league stats a fair bit but alas I have no spare cash as usual.

  • I know what you mean, feel like I've bought a few coffee shops such is my investment in Amsterdam!

    The good thing about AZ is that they'll definitely sell up, Ajax have that many players I'm sure they won't sell all of them. I even remember watching Joel Veltman at right back the end of last year and was very impressed with him too.

  • @Agatello slightly off topic but do you have any idea when his opens up to the Swedish market? Or has it already happened?

  • End of the month I believe mate, I've not heard anything official as I didn't make the Jean Claude Van Damme event but that's what a couple of people has suggested on Twitter etc.

    It's going to be VERY interesting when they go live but I'm not expecting anything mind blowing to be honest.

  • New markets will be slow off the blocks I would think however any user gained is goos and the older ones investing more to maximise gains should bump prices up nicely

  • there's been a lot of new money over the last week or so - was guessing Ireland, Sweden or advertising. seems like too much to just be from the attendees 20%, don't know for sure tho

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